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Hello again! I'm emerging from a nourishing year of composing the song cycle, "Body." The songs are concerned with the impermanence of our physical, human bodies (in my own body by the sudden, long-term disabling event of PASC or Long Covid*) and with the impermanence...

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I am deeply honored to receive the Vermont Arts Council's Creation Grant award for FY2023 for the composition of a large choral work. “Body” is a song cycle, with poetry illustrating the life and death of biodiversity, impermanence and liminal spaces, rooted in the...

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Allow me to introduce myself.

Greetings and thank you for visiting my website! Allow me to introduce myself. Some of you may know me primarily as a musician, some as a visual artist, or if you’ve known me well, as both. In truth, I have been practicing both music and visual art since childhood and...

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