what we offer

Individual Voice Lessons
(single and packages)

These 1 on 1 lessons are sculpted to the individual goals of the student and include practices to achieve and maintain optimal vocal health.

  • 1 (1hour) lesson $50
  • 4 (1 hr) lessons $180
  • 12 (1hr) lessons $480

Group Voice Lessons
(single and package)

For up to 4 singers. Beginner, advanced and professional levels available for small singing
groups: families, bands, ensembles, etc.

  • 1 (1hr) $120

  • 4 (1hr) $360

Beginner Music Theory with Piano
(single and packages)

This is not a piano lesson. We will use the keyboard to understand music theory and how to
read/write sheet music.

  • 1 (45 minute) $40

  • 4 (45 min) $140

  • 12 (45 min) $360

Creative Coaching for Artists and Musicians

No nonsense wisdom and resources to help you deepen your practice, make that record, self publish your artist’s book, etc. Inquiries welcome.

Flat rate $40/hour

Vocal Workshops

See event for information or inquire via email at

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